Spatial Artist & Designer

Set design and art direction for film & television

VR Facilitation for Creative Living and Metal Wellbeing

Cowtown Curb Appeal: Commercial Activation & Visual Merchandising

Footage of Playtesting VR Hand Interaction

Testing a hand interaction mechanic in Unity for an art piece later shown in the DMGToronto 2020 Origin Stories exhibition.

About Ahn

Hey there, I’m Ahn! (That’s with a long ahh like in Han Solo!) I am an artist, designer, and creative entrepreneur specializing in spatial designs for digital and physical experiences.I work out of Mohkinstsis (MOH-kin-stiss ie. Calgary, Alberta) and Dubai, UAE.

Work With Ahn

Are you seeking to bring your creative vision to life, whether for your brand, film, or television project? Ahn offers a range of spatial design services, from freelance creative direction for local and international brands to show calls for film and television art departments.Ahn's expertise stems from a rich professional background and a passion for crafting immersive environments. With an undergraduate degree in environmental design from UBC, Anna has honed her skills in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design. Her journey led her to the world of science fiction set design, where she contributed to acclaimed shows such as Star Trek Discovery, The Expanse, and The Umbrella Academy.

Ahn, an expressive talker.

Driven by a fascination with prototyping future worlds, Anna pursued a Master's in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Waterloo. Her research focused on immersive environments as a tool for belief updating, exploring concepts like conceptual metaphors and embodied cognition. Anna's unique blend of design and neuroscience expertise offers clients innovative solutions to their spatial challenges.Originally from Calgary, Ahn has traversed the globe, gaining insights and inspiration from diverse locales. Ahn has lived in Vancouver, Hawaii, Toronto, and Waterloo. Now based in Calgary once again, Anna is ready to collaborate with you to turn your spatial visions into reality.Ready to embark on your next spatial design journey? Get in touch with Ahn today to discuss how she can elevate your project to new heights.